selling the garage finds of california worldwide

We didn’t start Wholesale California to blend in. We started Wholesale California to stand out.

Take a look around. You will find no sheep here. You will only find one of a kind, vintage automobiles that will make your family proud, your friends envious, and your neighbors jealous – just the way you like it.

We’ve been buying and selling the hidden garage finds of California for over 15 years, and we’re not putting the brakes on any time soon. Our expertise is finding the right project car that needs a little love, and then finding the right owner to match it. From Shelby & Cobra Mustangs to Chevrolet & Camaros Corvettes to Toyota & Datsun to Porsche & Mercedes to Jaguar & Ferrari, if we don’t have what you’re looking for today, we’ll most likely have it for you tomorrow.

Whether you’re looking for a sound investment, reliving your youth or recreating past memories, the team here at Wholesale California can make all three happen. Every classic vintage car has a story to tell. Let Wholesale California tell yours.

If you want to sell your car, or know of a car that seems to fit in our mix, let us know, and we will gladly pay a finders fee if it is purchased. Click on the e-mail button and let us know what you have.